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Wing & A Prayer Farm

Little Balls of Laundry Sunshine - Dryer Balls made of Wool

$ 20.00

Wool dryer balls are a sustainable, eco-friendly replacement for dryer sheets that make your clothes fluffier, reduce static, keep fabric soft, and also, what is more fun than throwing balls into the dryer with the wet laundry?!

While dryer sheets are disposable, these wool balls last for years -- we use 4 at a time per load of laundry. 

We make our dryer balls from our fiber flock's wool and then create golden color with dyeing naturally using marigold petals.  The color is 'set' so it will not bleed in your laundry. 

Price is for a set of 4 laundry balls.

Sheep grown in, wool sheared in, fiber crafted and dyed right here in Shaftsbury, Vermont on Wing & A Prayer Farm. 

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