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Morning musings

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the perennials that love full sun in my front garden

As I type, Jill, the loving kitty, sits like a picture on my small round table on my deck, next to the geraniums, with mist rising behind her and a view of the fields and honeybee hives, watching me.  She is the huntress of my group of 3 indoor kitties.  Schilling, the 18-pound Maine Coon cat slumps past her and wedges himself between the rungs of the porch stiles to putter in the garden.  Ginny, the ginger kitty, curls up with Cricket, my 4 y.o. Springer, on his favorite overstuffed chair.  She’d been hunting all night and is having some down time.

Jill reminds me that we have a precious time now to work in the garden.  The birdsong in my little piece of Eden is akin to a priceless symphony and some of the blooms that have unfurled in the last week almost move me to tears, the colors and textures are so exquisite.  Here comes the sun over the treetops next to the sheep pastures and the golden light creates dew-drop diamonds all around.

I’m not long on the keyboard this morning, not with such a gift awaiting outside.  If I could bottle up the scent of the cool, wet July earth and hand it to you, I would. Right now I think I shall don my boots and head out -there are songs to sing, kitties to stroke, and gardens to tidy in this perfect God-given hour…

Sunshine on their shoulders!

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