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On your mark: Farm-to-Table Short Rib Pot Pie

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Farmer K.'s beef short ribs, dredged in flour, salt & pepper, browning in safflower oil

K. is the farmer up the road that helps hay our fields.  He also raises polled Herefords and we have been filling our freezer with his beef for the past few years.  We love having local beef and knowing that it is raised less than one mile away.  It is delicious and it all works out with bartering and a little cash to cover haying and turkeys-for-Thanksgiving.  I’m happy to not try to juggle raising them myself.  There is the right amount of fat on the cuts, the ground beef is very lean, and the flavor is just what you would hope for in local grass raised beef.  We have inadvertently become food snobs.

With such a wonderful arrangement, I can hardly complain that the beef can be a little, well, a lot, chewy...

Hence we labeled this flavorful beef the “athletic cow” meals.  There are a few hills where Keith’s beefers graze, just a few.  We jokingly credit this terrain for the texture of our steaks and roasts.  At the same time, we credit the land for the health of the livestock that live there and roam freely while leading a stress-free life in the country.  Well, I presume they are stress-free, but what do I know?

A nice recipe and a little time is all you need to magic the tenderness out of some of the cuts.  Tonight I have a meeting and wanted to leave a delicious dinner for the fam before I headed out the door.  I’ve been wanting to try short ribs this way for sometime and when the package fell out of the freezer and bruised my toes last night, I decided today would be the day.  Enjoy the step-by-step:

red onions from down the road and some sage from my front stoop
short ribs in the slow-cooker
pretty-as-a-picture sautéed onions and sage
Small Potatoes Farm fresh garlic makes an appearance
adding a little pumpkin ale to deglaze
all that juicy pumpkin ale/onion/sage goodness with the short ribs drippings mixed in
tipping the drippings and vegetables into the slow cooker to stew with the ribs
I soak the thinly sliced potatoes to wash off excess starch
filling of braised short ribs and "crust" of potato slices
brushing the tops before baking with a bit of the short ribs juice
bake the pot pies for 45 minutes at 350 degrees F.
Athletic pot pies that stick to your ribs!

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