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Oh the dread…

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My Annual Exam.   Here it is.  I’ve been enjoying a whole year of not having an Annual Exam.  But it is finally here and I have to leave in 10 minutes.  So how do I prepare?  Well, I did not eat right, I did not stretch or do flexibility exercises like I was supposed to, I did not go for the healing treatments suggested on Thursday late afternoons(in my defense, Thursday afternoons are/have been my busiest time of the weekday schedule) and I did not lose any weight.  Upside is that I just painted my toenails a fantastic tomato red.  So in the ole paper-thin cotton dressing gown in the freezing-cold exam room, at least I will have brightly colored toenails.

"Red Nouveau" for a distraction

This visit I do for my daughters and my son and my husband.  I am truly content to go in and out of the years taking care of myself in the ways I do – I feel great.  A little more tired and achy, I’m losing my vision somewhat, but overall jolly.  I am not immune to the effects of aging, thank God I am blessed to be as well as I am.  I am truly grateful.

However, there are some things you just don’t want to say “I should’ve” on, and that is the motivation behind the outing.  I’ve wanted to cancel the appointment since last week when I spied it in my planner.  But I knew that there would never be a time that I would want to make it up.  And my CNM(Certified Nurse Midwife) is a super-nice and capable person so I mean no disrespect.

So, hmm, I instead will focus on some pleasantries, my blessings, and say “Hi ho!  This one’s for the Gipper!”  Time to stop procrastinating…if’n there was a little teacup piggie on my way home, it’d sure make a nice consolation prize…

some gals might indulge in shoe-shopping...


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