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12 Months of “To Do” for 2012

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Pond girls - January 2010

1.  I will skate more in January.  I’ve got a great pair of speed skates that need to be sharpened so that I can get back on the short track.  I’ve also got some knock-abouts from my teen years for the pond.   And I will jump in Lake Paran in North Bennington at the end of the month for a fundraiser with my Youth Group for Vermont Special Olympics.  We are “Team Healing Waters” and this will be our 3rd year jumping in.  We wear masks and capes and we are crazy.  I thought about doing Yoga or some sort of exercise program, but I’m not going to get hung up if I don’t follow through.  I figure jumping into a frozen lake at the end of the month in Vermont in January sort of overrides other ambitions.  And I will ride Izzy if it’s not too icy.

Dedicated kids bringing the song and the cake to mum!

2.  I will blow out 47 Candles in February to the strains of my family’s singing, no matter how we can arrange their voices together…and, sing to Jody for his 21st birthday while he is fishing a tournament far, far from Vermont, and make and send Valentines (my inner child comes out!) and skate on the pond with my Youth Group for our annual Superbowl Party after we’ve sold a zillion subs for a fundraiser.  And  I will ride Izzy…

Spring does eventually return!

3.  I will force forsythia and repot seedlings in March.  Hurray for seed catalogs in December!  And I will put on a Talent Show/Boiled Supper Fundraiser with my Youth Group on St. Patrick’s Day, and put on my brogue for St. Patrick’s day(this drives my kids CRAZY!), and have a sugar-on-snow-party with 2012 Maple Syrup.  And ride Izzy…

Nite Nite with her trainer, Char, during the end of Mud Season

4.  We will put a cart on that pony in April!  And I will sing for Easter, and bowl with my Youth Group for Big Brother/Big Sister Bowl for Kids’ Sake, and find some time to celebrate Sarah Jane’s 19th birthday -I already know what she wants for her birthday dinner, but sadly she won’t be home :-(   And if she does get a chance to come home, go for a ride together….

Char cuddles the lambs: Maggie with Iglesias & Buttercup, Ruva with Daisy & Obaamaa

5. I will lose sleep when we lamb in May, this time hopefully with 5 ewes due! And I will attend end-of-year concerts, and welcome home college kids for their summer vacations, and get turkey poults started and maybe more chicks…haven’t decided yet.  And if there is any time, which there will not really be much of, I’ll ride Izzy.

Late day walks in hay fields

6.  We will make it, finally,  to Mel’s Solstice Party in Juneand hay, of course, and plant and weed the garden, and soak up summer, and ride Izzy!

Jody with a bass on Gale Meadow

7.  I will go fishin’ with the family in July.  Actually, SJ, Char & I like to read & take photos while we accompany the fishermen.  And  we’ll celebrate Jim’s & Char’s birthdays -55 and 17, and we’ll garden and tend the flocks of sheep and poultry and kid goats, and ride Izzy.

a lane of hives

8.  We will harvest honey in August.  Last year, our bees didn’t have a productive enough year to share with us, so I am hoping that this will be a better year for them for their sake, and for ours.  I sure did miss having my own honey!  And in August, spend time at Lake Champlain with the family for our annual vacation, and hopefully bring the horses again so that I can ride Izzy.

wooly friends

9.  We will shear the sheep in September. And, sadly, say goodbye to Jody & Sarah Jane as they start their senior & second years in college, as well as see Char through college applications!  Oh let’s not start thinking about that now…Char & I will have to ride in September.

little Cooper with the 2011 entries

10.  We will host the Myers Road Pumpkin Party in October, and harvest the garden, and attend the Mount Holyoke Fall Concert, and hopefully have a long weekend with Jody, and watch the Red Sox in the World Series, and ride Izzy in the fall foliage.

Porch Turkeys

11.  I will harvest Thanksgiving Turkeys in November, but this year there will be a no fly zone declared on the front and back porches…I just can’t devote two hours a day to cleaning the porch off!  And probably rehearse Christmas music for December singing, and we will be enjoying my kids’ visit home for Thanksgiving break, and preparing the barn for wintertime tuck-ins for goatsies, sheep and horses, and get out on my Iz whenever I can.

Bennington Children's Chorus members line up to process at the Old First Church in Bennington, VT

12.  Finally, in December, attending the last Candlelit Service at the Old First Church in Old Bennington in which one of my daughters will be singing with the Bennington Children’s Chorus.  Ah, magical evenings they are.  I’ll hopefully be doing some singing myself in this month, and attending Mount Holyoke’s Vespers Service, and not being ready for Christmastime, and shovelling snow(hopefully?), and welcoming home college kids for winter break, and tucking in Shetland flocks that are successfully bred, and collecting eggs a-plenty for December baking, and be as healthy, grateful and blessed as I have been these past 47 years!  I’m not sure I’ll be riding Izzy in December

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