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The Middle Ages

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It hit me over the head tonight that I’m middle-aged.  And it feels so cliché.

Antsy, I am (Yoda-attack!)

But I know me and I’ll come around.  I always do…I like that about myself.  But just now, jumping into a frozen lake in a couple of days isn’t enough to shake things up for me(I am participating in a local “Penguin Plunge” to raise money for Special Olympics Vermont).  As a domestic engineer and mother of 3, you can imagine there are enough tasks in the course of the weeks and months that I am never idle. I do a lot of stuff. Plenty of volunteering. And I LOVE my farm.  About 3-4 hours of chores a day is delightful when I’m doing them, but you know, the daily anything can sometimes get old.

I’ve got hobbies, too.  Plenty of them.

I could slap myself for complaining.  I know better.  But right now I just feel like complaining.  Also, it’s the S.A.D. time of year in which I have to tough it out for a few more weeks.   These days I can’t seem to get enough sleep and so when that passes, my outlook will very likely improve.   Also, I am a talkaholic and just admitting my quandary out loud(in cyberspace) has been therapeutic.

So don’t hold your breath.  You’re not going to get any reports of wild middle-aged shenanigans from me.  Too many people and critters depend on me before I will ever ride off into the sunset  :-)

"Where to, Mom?"

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