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I count to 12 at least a dozen times a day,

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Shetland Sheep

because it is lambing season and I have 12 sheep.  Six are pregs and so I put everyone in the first pasture every morning so that I can throw an eye on them at any time from the house and count heads.  One, two, three, four….til I’ve hit 12.  If I don’t count to twelve, I spy into the corners, around the obstacles, all to make sure that I haven’t overlooked anyone. I double-check the pregnant ewe count and if one of the six is MIA, I throw on my boots and barn coat, grab my camera and my phone and run out the back door.  I arrive at the barn, huffing and puffing, and hustle into the aisleway calling sing-songy, like I always do, “Is someone having a baby?”

I am greeted by sheep, eating hay, that baah in reply.

Still no lambs.

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