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Hello, 今日は, Selamat pagi, Bonas dies,  Zdravo, Hola, Guten tag, Привет, Hallå, greetings to all!

The new WordPress Stats homepage site shows not just how many, but where your readership comes from.

Holy Trip-Around-the-World!  

The top four countries reading about Wing and a Prayer Farm are the U.S., Australia, Canada & the U.K..  But also there are people in Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Malta, the Russian Federation, Latvia, Panama, Israel and Singapore that are visiting the farm!  And 50 more countries!

I know this should not astound me, but growing up we had to wait a year to watch “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on the one station at 8p.m. on a school night before Christmas. And in high school I learned data processing with an IBM PDP 11/70 – a computer as big as my house, practically, whereas now we compute with laptops.  We didn’t have  VCR‘s, DVD‘s,  DVR‘s, or the World Wide Web when I was growing up.  Please forgive my naiveté to enjoy the shock and awe of this little farm being read around the world.

Therefore, an official “HELLO!!!”  from Vermont, and thank you for visiting our slice of heaven(with the best maple syrup drizzled on top!) Today we’re having some very gorgeous and spring-like weather.  No lambs yet.  And we’re going to make an attempt to fix our tiller so that perhaps we can work some of the soil a bit, preparing for some tunnel gardens I am going to be making.

This awareness makes me rethink what I should publish and how to make the world a better place.  It is sort of beautiful to think of blogging under those terms now…

Greetings from Wing and a Prayer Farm

And thanks, WordPress, for a very cool feature!

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