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Dead Duck

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“Kack! Kack! Kack!’ chirrups little 1-year-old Phoebe,when I tell she and her mum the story whilst they visited the farm this morning:

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" - Matthew 5:4

Darn that fox, but he killed the rest of my Blue Runner Ducks.  Granted, they were not behaving very intelligently in the last several weeks while they set up two clutches of eggs. But I’ve known ducks in the past to be all about the business of their nest and not necessarily pay attention to the details.

And so, silly ducks, they’d moved their nest(a feat unto itself) not once, but twice.  Relocating it from the protection of the coop into the doorway of the coop.  Once that happened, it was difficult to shut the door on them at night, for safekeeping.  And then somehow they were motivated to move the nests(now TWO nests) into the garden, which exposed them entirely to the predators of the night.

Nest #1
Nest #2

It was a sad affair to happen upon when I was doing the morning rounds a couple of days ago.  I buried the last of their threesome, wasteful foxy leaving one behind, and then salvaged the eggs from the nests.  They’d been abandoned for several hours at that point, but I thought it was worth a try to bring them inside and set them up in the incubator.  Perhaps I can finish the job for their dearly departed mums & dad.

Did you need some help out with your groceries, Mr. Fox?

Hatch, eggs, hatch!  Give us vengeance on Mr. Fox!

Oh, I know that Mr. Fox & the Missus have some kits to feed somewhere around these parts, but I’d rather they leave my fowl alone and find something that is a little more sporting than nesting garden ducks.

Unfortunately, the incubator is reeking and it’s a real guess as to whether we’re just keeping old eggs super-warm or whether there is development going on inside those waxy, dingy shells.  My “candler” that Jim made for me is not working and none of the flashlights have batteries, so unless we are driven out by the stench, we shall wait and see.

(sorry, shameless!)

We could just go around with a nosegay, as the dandelions are in full bloom, to refresh our senses…

Nosegays, so as not to swoon

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