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A Cup of Tea and Earth Day

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It is a cool and wet Earth Day here in Southern Vermont and I’ve just returned from my Sunday morning churchin’ to have a cup of tea before I switch gears and suit up to visit my hives

Mother and Son hive tending

Ordinarily we beekeepers don’t mess with our beeyard on an overcast day, as the honeybees don’t like being meddled with when they are trying to conserve energy.  But as I lost all of my colonies this past winter, there is no one to disturb while I disassemble the boxes and frames, organizing them and readying them for the 7 nucs I am receiving in May.

Meet "Beeatrice", one of the thousands of hard-working honeybees on our farm

A hot cup of Ceylon calls for a dollop of honey and make mine local.  After you’ve harvested your own, it is hard to go back.  But if I can’t sweeten my tea with my own stores, I’m happy to put my neighbors’ jars on my shelves.  Wherever you are, you are likely able to seek out a local producer, or at least something within your state or region to supply your honey.

Apple blossoms ready for pollinators
Swarm collecting in the Hawthorne tree
Bee Yard
some of the summer honey crop 2010
Raised by slightly hippy parents with a side dose of Yankee-thrift, I had an organic background long before it was en vogue.  I am also a strong proponent of being good stewards of creation.  So the reason why my message on this day is about supporting local honey crops is that by doing so, we are contributing to the food web in a small but important way.  We need to make a concerted effort to encourage small-scale beekeeping and bring back the backyard hives as soon as possible.  Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) can be minimized by not supporting GMO‘s and corporate agriculture and thereby reducing the threat to honeybees and other pollinators on this green globe.

Buy local, grow your own, minimize waste, recycle, compost, don’t smoke, please don’t burn your garbage, reuse, eat in, hang your laundry out, turn switches off, live more simply so that you can pay attention to the small things that make our one earth a healthier place for now and the future.  And a cup of tea from a Fair Trade source with or without some local honey, can help you collect your green thoughts.

Happy Earth Day from Wing and a Prayer Farm!

me and my Honey

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