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Arranged marriages

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My friend Abi, over at Red Comb Vintage, has just gotten a shipment of chicks to replenish her layer flock this year.  In the box was also a “free exotic rooster” whom she named “Joey Ramone” and he happens to be a White Crested Black Polish, just like my Josephine and Francesca!

Joey Ramone

My neighbor Megan, and I had just been talking about going in together on an order of Polish chickens because she has been wishing for a few in her flock.  I have my two, but I would enjoy a few more also.


Ta-da!  Brainstorm!  I contacted Abi and asked if Ramone was promised to anyone yet and she said he was available.  I contacted Megan and asked her if she thought she’d like to give hatching out our own Polish Crested chicks a go.  She was game.

Josephine or Francesca are engaged!!!!!!!

So we’re going to the chapel with Joey Ramone and one or the other as soon as he’s man enough. That’s when we’ll know, also, whether he is a bantam or standard sized rooster.  He’s only 5 days old, or so, and I think that he has to be 7-9 months old before he can breed.

Today I thought about measuring for little chicken-chastity belts and putting the step-sisters in a safehold to keep them secure until the wedding; I’ll probably nix that idea because they’re pretty sweet free-ranging chicks and I really don’t want to cramp their lifestyle.  Meanwhile, Abi will watch out for J.R. with care because she’s had more than her fair share of fox-related chicken losses at her farm.

A WEDDING!  It’s going to be wonderful!  I’ve been finding all sorts of gorgeous feather-inspired ideas for announcements, centerpieces, outfits, bouquets…  The internet is a real treasure trove and if one has a Pinterest account, one can run amuck gathering inspiration for chicken nuptials.  I’m absolutely gaga over this notion.  In my mind I’ve got “J’s” or “J’s” & “F’s” embroidered on their pillows, curtains for their private coop, a lovely wreath for their front door…not to mention the music selection for the wedding, the location(backyard barnyard, no?), the guest list, the decorations, the food!

I talked Char’s ear off on the way to school this morning.  She thinks I’ve finally gone over the deep end and I could see the look in her eyes, the wheels turning upstairs that said “She’s finally lost it!”

I’m turning into mother-of-the-bridezilla and it’s been less than 12 hours since we “hatched” the idea.

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