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Bee work

Honeybees Weather

“No bees, no honey; no work, no money.” – Proverb

I just had to check those newbees .  I’d given them since Mother’s Day off from any poking around and it was time to check on their progress and make sure all was well.

Status check of the hives

I rounded up some additional hive bodies and frames to transfer the nuc colonies into.  And did they need it.  They had nearly filled their frames with comb, eggs and honey.   That showed me that they were all healthy.

filling up the comb with eggs, honey stores and capped larva

Some of the nuc boxes were a mess, though, with burr comb which I sadly had to remove when I added new frames.

This colony needed some housekeeping, and some more frames!

I sprayed with plenty of sugar-water, filled some top feeders with more sugar-water, and gave some of the hives pollen patties. The pollen patties may have been better saved for fall, but because in the next few days we have inclement weather forecasts, I am trying to encourage the bees to stay in their new boxes. I’m a generous beekeeper – I take care of my bees the same way I take care of everyone else around here.  “Eat! Eat!”

A stockpile of honeycomb was a sign of good health but overdue hive-keeping on Farmer Tam’s part!
All kinds of productivity!
Somebody couldn’t wait for Farmer Tam to put more frames in!
placement of a pollen pattie for this hive that had a noticeably smaller colony

While I was suited up and had a fan club of hundreds of upset bees, I decided not to go inside the house or near anyone else for a while.  I took the lawn tractor for a ride past the hives to trim the grass that tends to get overgrown.  I put away frames and hive parts that were not being cleaned by the bees themselves.  I puttered.

Reorganized and updated hives.

All told, it was about 3.5 hours of work before I finally took my suit off to make dinner. I never got stung(hallelujah!) and finished in the nick of time as a front of blustery, wet weather moved in for the weekend.

Here’s where the “Wing and a Prayer” part comes in…I’m no expert at beekeeping, but I’m learning.  I tucked the bees in and asked for a blessing under my breath…

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