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I hope they’ll be o.k.

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Last night I zoomed home from my summer class and helped a farmer select and load four of my yearling Shetland Sheep into the back of his truck.

It poured buckets while we gathered round the stalls and between the deafening rainfall on the tin roof and the chorus of baa-ing from the woolies, I was able to impart a few words of wisdom.

I said “Ciao” to 5 of my chickens the other day when I was visited by a family delving into the world of layer hens.  I know those folks through community activities so I was more sure of the home they were going to.

I didn’t know the guy from Adam that came by last evening.  He has an assortment of animals on his farm and this is his first foray into sheep.  Shetland Sheep as a starter flock can’t be much easier and so I have no trepidations about my endorsement.

More than a few times I’ve wondered that I should just not have so many animals.  I’m a sucker for a happy ending.  Though I raise turkeys for the table and have parted with other livestock for various reasons, I still have so much anxiety when it comes to saying goodbye.

I’ll miss you, Obaamaa, Iglesias, Buttercup & Daisy.  I hope you’ll be o.k. in your new home.

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