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Yesterday I visited Char in her summer office.  She plans on being a writer, and for the summer between her Junior and Senior year in high school, she is continuing work on her Great American Novel.

Char decided to convert her childhood playhouse into summer writing quarters and so with a bit of effort and a lot of extension cord, she set up shop.

When I visited her, she offered me bubbles.  So I blew bubbles outside of her office door, commented on the flora and fauna, sang to my goatsies that graze behind her, and, in general, enjoyed the retreat very much.

When SJ got home from her job where she plays with a cash register and sells flowers and vegetables all day, she chatted with us also.  She told us all about the Shade Avoidance Response and why the red/far-red sensors were causing the pigmentation in the Clematis vine that was growing through the roof and into the house’s ceiling.  She loves biology and got very excited about this phenomenon.  It was fascinating.  I wished she’d been my biology teacher when I was in school.

Char is so cool.  I wanna be her when I grow up.

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