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Hay Day

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My favorite hay joke:

Why did the farmer stop feeding his horses round bales?

Because they weren’t getting a square meal!

Yup, folks, this makes me guffaw every time.  Love me or hate me, I’m a sucker for puns and bad jokes. Also, I’m a terrible joke teller.

Haying is done for a while.  I lost count but it’s safe to say there’s near a 1,000 bales in the loft of first cut.  Yay.  Finished in time for some record heat coming our way.

And now for the Good Neighbor Awards:

#1:  The phone rings.  You pick it up and it’s your neighbor, Paul.  Your first thought is “Oh no, the pony is loose(or the sheep, or the goats, or the horses…!)”  Paul says, “Tammy, Shelley & I were riding past your fields and wanted to know if you need some help bringing in the hay before the rain!”  You jump for joy because you’re in a situation of short-handedness, compose yourself and reply, “Gee, thanks, Paul!  Are you sure?!”

Paul also happens to be Wing and a Prayer Farm’s biggest turkey fan….I think this year he’s eligible for a discount.

#2:  Paul inspires you to ring up young Tristan, because if he’s kicking around on this steamy afternoon, he might like to help.  Tristan is at camp(lucky for him?) and the next thing you know, his tenacious mama calls you back to volunteer.  Let’s hear it for Kerry who doesn’t pass up a good time when she sees one!  She’s got a years’ worth of eggs coming her way…

A demanding task made fun by good people.  I tell you, it really is a wonderful world.

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