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The Report from Bo Peep and, also, Peep

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I did write the other day that I would report back when the lambs had hushed.  And they have.

The mamas took a day to quiet down, the lambs took 2 days.  Aisling, the bottle lamb, took 3 days and in actuality, it may be longer because after all, she thinks she belongs in the house anyway.  So this whole weaning/barn/pasture thing isn’t really her cup of tea.  But she’s got 9 great buddies who’ve been real troopers.  It seems that above grain, above pasture, cuddles with their shepherdess and a manger full of hay is what makes them happiest.

10 Weaned Woolies

But just as the lambs stopped crying, a new peeping began in the kitchen, next to the coffee maker.  Eleven chicks have hatched since yesterday afternoon and a few more are pipping in the incubator.  Praying for all hens.

Araucana egg, pipping
Brand new chickabiddies

Last, but not least, my husband turned 55 yesterday.  A late summer supper on the back porch, with a quieter pasture, was the stage for some silly singing and tasty treats.

Merry band of troubadours

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