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Here comes the sun

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Top Eleven Reasons to enjoy the hour before 4:30 a.m.:

11. Quiet, time, reading

10. Pouring my first cup of coffee

9. Putting the clean, dry dishes away from the night before and enjoying the empty shelves and sink for just a little while

8. Feeding the dogs, the cats and the chicks, and then sharing in their contentment during their quiet morning slumber afterward

7. The front porch and the cool dawn-before-the-light temps

6. Watering the potted plants

5. Painting my toenails with the chance of them drying before putting boots on

4. Making lists & planning menus

3. The rooster’s “How do you do?” call from the coop

2.The new light on the horizon kissing the day good morning

And the Number One reason I like early mornings:

     the first bird song.

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