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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

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Well, not actually blackbirds, but 20 blackberry (and other) pies, off to market this a.m..  I am fond of the image of chirping birds in the midst of a pie, though.

The blackberry is heavenly, and I’m not kidding.  Intoxicating would describe it right, it is so rich in flavor and aroma.  And when they’re hot and flaky, right out of the oven, the farm kitchen here is a nice place to wake up to.  My kids get their days started between 7 and 8 and when I’ve been baking since 3:30 a.m., well it’s a memory they’ll long be able to cherish.  I make a few small extras for them to have for breakfast, or second-breakfasts if they’re feeling Hobbit-ish.

Click here if you want to try my recipe.

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