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Some of us have been away from the farm and are back, but we’re heading out again.  It’s a major feat, any of you that own a farm know, to get away for even a day.  So to be gone for 5 and then for 3, well, a lot can happen.

A quick peek at leading up to the first departure has me and my friends and family preparing 90 pies in my absence to carry on my baking business:

Good friend Kerry and I feel the “force” of rolling out 90 pies for the freezer!
Grammie & Sarah Jane having a fluting party.

And here, a couple pics from my absence reveals the why and the where and the how of the getaway:

Son Jody wins trip to FLW Forrest Wood Cup Tournament on Lake Lanier, invites mom to be his all-expense-paid guest and we go fishing with FLW Off! Pro Terry Bolton!
We are guests of FLW at the Forrest Wood Cup Tournament launch and weigh-ins for 4 days on Lake Lanier & in Duluth, Georgia.  Day 4 of the Forrest Wood Cup culminated in a huge and historical win for 21 year old Jacob Wheeler of Indianapolis, IN.

I have a lot of musings about those few days away.  That’s what is nice about leaving town.  Experiences to make you appreciate your backyard and your community as well as the growth from seeing different places, inhaling and learning what you can from new smells, sampling a variety of tastes, listening and hearing fresh sounds and experiencing touch in a changed-up environment.

And nothing says “re-entry” like taking your bag out of the overhead compartment of the airplane on the last leg home and having it slam full-force into your eye/cheekbone, leaving you with a nice black-eye upon awaking the first morning back home.

Meanwhile, my fabulous farm-girl daughters and their friends baked and delivered my pie orders, the fatties(my meatbirds) are fatter, the turkeys are larger and more beautiful, the chickens are still happy, the sheep and goats were thrilled to see me, the pony laughed when I fed her an apple, and the dogs and cats climbed on me all night long.

Here’s to August!


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