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Happy Trails

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Riding:  The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.  ~Author Unknown

Char & I decided to hit the trails bareback today.

“Want a leg up, Mom?”  Great idea.  I stretched my arms over Iz’s neck and shoulders while pushing off of Char’s homemade stirrup with my foot; with an up-and-over I attempted to straddle my horse.  However, Char’s powerful assistance rocketed me across Izzy’s back and onto a grassy landing on the other side.

After collecting myself and assuring Char I was o.k., we lost ourselves in the hilarity of the scene. I’ve got some gorgeous bruises to look forward to on the fat part of my back and hip tomorrow, as well as a twitchy wince in my neck that is hopefully nothing.

After the silly start, we collected ourselves and I put a bareback pad on Izzy to give me something to grab onto while mounting.  Later during our ride, Char’s mount spooked at a squirrel in the bushes, tipping Char enough off-balance that she lost her seat and hopped onto the ground.  With no suitable perches for a boost, she was unable to climb again onto Ruger Jac’s back and so we returned with a barefoot Char, leading her pony.

me and my shadow, oh, and Ruger Jac’s butt, too
Late day shadows, long-legged ponies

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