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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras

Today Abe is having a hard time standing.  He got up to have breakfast with his cronies, but his back leg gave out from under him and he flopped onto the ground.  No cry, just a soft, brief, wheezy moan.  Honest, soft eyes on mine.

I brought his bowl to him and he ate out of my hands.  Jackie and Cricket inhaled their kibble and skipped over to see what we were doing.  Half-snarling, Abe warned them to give him some space.

After eating his food, with gusto, he lay back and tracked me while I finished the backyard chores.

I’ve given him his daily dose of pain relievers and I’ll just wait on it until he’s feeling like he can support himself.

I’m searching to recollect what he might have done yesterday to trigger the intense pain.  The horse vet was by and brought his adorable 4-year old.  We toured the farm while Char and the vet vaccinated the herd.  The little guy may have thrown a stick or two for Abe, but mostly we cuddled the sheep and goats.  So I don’t think it is an injury-related affliction.

At eleven, this long-legged fellow of ours has certainly slowed down.  We are aware of what to expect as we have coached geriatric pups in the past.

For today, though, I’m patiently awaiting the course of meds to take their effect and see my guy get up and move a little, going through the paces of Saturday-on-the-farm.Image

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