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Great Turkey Walks

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“I’ve always been fond of birds, poultry in particular.”  – Simon Green

In the last couple of days, I’m reminded of an amusing and clever novel that my children and I enjoyed called “The Great Turkey Walk“, by Kathleen Karr.  Our star of the story is oversized Simon Green, who has just completed third grade(for the fourth time), when his teacher tells him that maybe it’s time he made his way into the world of 1860.  He may not be book-smart, but he sets out on a journey with a rafter of a thousand turkeys from Missouri to Denver to cash in on the meat market.  His caring teacher, Miss Rogers, bankrolls the trip and he and his dog, four mules, a driver and a wagonload of shelled corn are off.

This past weekend had our family prepping the farm before Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.  We couldn’t be sure of the extent of damage we might suffer, so we made the best possible plan for putting up hooved and feathered friends for the long haul.  This included stalling all of our free-ranged turkeys so they would not end up in the next county or state after the projected 60 mph gusts were upon us.

The morning of Sandy’s arrival, dawn broke lovely and lavender and our gang took on a “Breast Cancer Awareness” pink hue.  I waited to move the birds until I was sure that they’d foraged enough for the morning but we weren’t going to be fighting the elements for our short trek through the sheep chute and into the barn stall.  Also, I wasn’t quite sure they would follow as necessary and I didn’t want to run short on time while chasing and corralling 40ish birds on my own.

Today dawned less pink, with a Sandy-surprise in the pasture, but blessedly no casualties.  And after leading the gang back out to the pasture for some fresh air and foraging, sans too much wind-beneath-their-wings, they were delighted to find the new roost.  The rest of their day was spent arranging themselves and ornamenting the old Beech tree that had elegantly heaved from the earth and ho-ed to the ground.  I rather like the new set-up myself.

The day after Hurricane Sandy arrived, Wing and a Prayer Farm turkeys ornament the new pasture roost.

Last, but not least, enjoy walking the turkeys to and fro with us in the following clip:

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