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Turkey/Tofurkey Thanksgiving 2012

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Tweedling accompaniment to the march into the barn

Cue Chopin‘s “Funeral March“…

Tomorrow is the big day for processing birds around here for 35 Thanksgiving tables in this Tri-State area.  In their last week, my Bourbon Reds and Giant Whites have been consuming 50 pounds of organic grain a day.  I had brought them in the other day because we had a sudden, wet snowfall and they don’t have shelter now that the leaves are off the trees in the pasture.

Shivering off their weight is not part of the plan of raising the turkeys.  Also, as soon as they were snug and warm inside, we had cozy, bonding time together.  They’re so sweet.

Puppy dog eyes

I’ve said it before.  I love turkeys.  I love my turkeys. People in this area love our turkeys and they are exceptional.  I’m o.k. with eating turkey – I think it’s fine.  I’d rather have borscht or wonton soup or mushroom anything – those are my favorites(also, chocolate.)

But it’s time.  So today I tried feeding them a pile of tofu.  I accidentally over-ordered tofu through my local food co-op.  I meant to order 6 containers, but I ordered 6 cases.  That’s 72 containers.  That’s too much tofu for this family.  I gave away a fair amount to the local homeless shelter and tried to share with the local food cupboard.  The food cupboard folk said, “No thanks.”

But the turkeys – hey!  The primary ingredient in their pelletized grain is soy.  So why not organic tofu?  And then if we want to be savvy marketers, we can tout them as “Tofurkeys!”

In front of me, they want nothing to do with the tofu.  As soon as my back is turned, they gobble it up.  Go figure.


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