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Thanksgiving days

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Last Monday morning, a local high school gathered for their Thanksgiving Assembly which included pardoning a turkey.  The school headmaster purchases his turkey from our farm each year and the staff thought it would be good fun to surprise him with the act of pardoning his own turkey; enter Farmer Tam.  “Sugar”, our Bourbon Red, performed beautifully and though she stayed in my arms, mostly, she was equipped with a small harness I’d fashioned for walking her.  When I did indeed put her on the ground to walk, well, she pooped.  Which everyone thought was hilarious.

I warned him that she hadn’t been bathed…
Receiving an official headmaster’s pardon
The rest of the “pardoned” flock calling on us daily.

We had the whole family home – yay!  Shaggy son-one got a haircut from his sister on the front porch.  It was mostly successful.

sunny afternoon front porch haircuts

We ate our turkey on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Because we’re gluttonous that way.

We go to Grammie’s for Thanksgiving, and that means that we don’t have a leftover turkey for ourselves to nosh on for the next few days.  And no turkey  to send back with college kids that have apartments that really would enjoy MRE‘s from home.

So seeing as it also makes sense to sample our product and validate the quality, we test-drive ahead of time.

21 pound sample for quality control

On Thanksgiving, we went to Grammie’s and again enjoyed turkey, prepared her way, which is with a brine.  And a thousand other dishes that everyone contributed.  It was delicious.  My favorite part was the cranberry orange relish.

In my brother Larry’s honor, I ate turnip.  I’m not a huge fan, but Larry would raise acres of them each year and bring them to the feast.  Every year I have a “no thank you” portion of turnip and am waiting to love it.  It didn’t happen this year.  Maybe next year.

Leek Harvest – we’re responsible for the leeks at Grammie’s
Hosing the leek lineup
Curried Leeks to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner
Char’s “Jeopardy” game which we play with the cousins, aunts and uncles


Mother/Daughter coloring – you’re never too old
knitting and cats
College kids getting their fix of kitties and cats

We also went to see “Skyfall”, the new James Bond flick.  We thought the writing was excellent and it was overall great. Yes, that Aston Martin gets play!  I need me an ejector seat...  Our family soaks up the whole theater experience and so we enjoyed our sit down  from corny refreshment-stand ads to the last gaffer’s creds.

On the way home, we discussed whether the most popular role for a British actor would be Bond or Dr. Who.  It was split.  They’re both 50 years old this year.  What do you think?

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