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Dressed or Undressed

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Before processing the Thanksgiving turkeys(30+), we went into the field to see if we could get some guesstimate weights.  Some of the Bourbon Reds were to be “pardoned” if they were underweight.  That’s fine, we allow for that as far as pre-selling goes, and they are such lovely birds to have around.

How do you weigh a turkey?  Well, it’s easy.  You go out into their field and pick them up, then step on the scale.  However much more than you weigh is what they weigh.  Dressed.

But it’s not really a science out there and our scale is lousy.

And I can’t really tell you how much the bird will weigh undressed.  As in, plumage, etc. removed.

I know that my terminology is opposite what the processing industry calls it, but practically speaking, with our plumage and barn coats intact, we are dressed.

And there’s no way I was going to weigh them naked.  They would’ve shivered.

Everyone is a little shy to step on the scale

The end result was that we had a broad range of weights – from 35 pounders to 6.5 pounders.  Five birds were pardoned to stay on and put on weight, forage, just hang out with the other poultry around here.

Promise to clean up our act in the next post.  This is meant to be a family friendly blog.  Anyway, now you know how we handle weighing of the turkeys.

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