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Frost Flowers

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December Pond

Waiting for snowfall. It is in the forecast for today or tomorrow. The buckets are all frozen in the mornings, the ground is hard and noisy underfoot as I run the sheep and goats out to their pastures. The horses are frisky about having more hay, please. The pond is developing a thin layer of ice (that hopefully develops into a thick layer of ice for some holiday skating parties!)

Tomorrow I will listen to beautiful children’s voices, raised in song at the Old First Congregational Church in Bennington, Vermont. We will have candles to illuminate the service. It will be warm inside, packed with people coming together for a traditional December event here in Southern Vermont.

We’re all broken hearted for the Newtown, CT community. For some reason I just want to see things like flying birds, starry skies, blossoms on trees…December crystals will do.
Crystallized Goldenrod


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