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Lambs and a License

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Lily's Gandalf
Lily’s Gandalf

After joking recently that I have no qualms about having my driving privileges being revoked as it would afford me more time at home, especially during lambing, I opened a week’s worth of mail and found the notification from the State of Vermont DMV that my license had been suspended.


This put me into a bit of a tailspin while I attempted online to get things right with the Vermont DMV and the Vermont Judicial Bureau, neither of them working out.

Then the phone calls.  No one answering. Leaving messages.

Finally the returned phone call.

Turns out, my license wasn’t suspended at all.

So, I’m a bit disgruntled because happy-Farmer Tam had to chat with very unhappy Vermont Judicial Bureau-lady.  And, hello, shouldn’t happy-Farmer Tam be the one that was being unhappy?  And whilst on the phone with very unhappy Vermont Judicial Bureau-lady, I not only inwardly agonized about humanity and my own little current plight, but found there was nothing I could do to turn her frown upside-down.

So much for my plans to be a stay-at-home farmer and hitching up a buggy.  I’m back to whirlwind living.  Next time you hear from me, I will have cleansed the tension from my shoulders with lamb-tales.  They are imminent.  You can bet on it.  I promise you.  There are lambs in the extremely near future.  It’s not hype this time.

And if there aren’t, then the folks of Shaftsbury are going to wonder what that crazy lady is doing, jogging with the ewes down these bumpy dirt roads, attempting to put them into labor.


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