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Reinforcing Existing Fence

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Adding more conductors photoWe have 2 strands of electric braid to keep our ponies & horses in our back pasture.  It works for 2 out of 3 of the equine.  The pony can escape any time she wants, no matter what the voltage of the charge.  Nite Nite is the 300 pound Shetland pony that we once-upon-a-time renamed “Aretha.”  She is a dear and sassy gal.

We also have dairy goats whose aliases are “Houdini.”

The update to “reinforce existing fence” includes adding 5 more strands of braid, at the proper spacing to prevent goats & lambs escaping low, the pony from escaping mid-range, and the dairy goats from escaping high.

It was cold out today, and brittle old fence conductors just snap off when we tried to adjust them.  However, we got a good jump on the job and hopefully will complete the entire pasture tomorrow.

Daughter Char tells me dad is going along with this plan because if it doesn’t work this time, he can stand by his “I told you so’s” of the past.  Its been a long road of chasing loose ponies and goats.  After all of my research and planning, I have to admit that I won’t believe it’ll work until I see It for myself.

Will keep you posted as to the success rate.

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