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Fred & Ginger

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Woefully, Fred the Muscovy duck, has been intimidating the barnyard fowl.  I am quite sure he is the perpetrator that injured Susannah, the peahen, and caused her disappearance on the farm over the past few weeks.  This morning I caught him harassing Figaro, the peacock, and made a plan to end his terror-reign.

I trapped he & Ginger, his very pleasant Muscovy hen, in the chicken coop this morning and employed Char to help me set up a new space for them which would help the other poultry to have some breathing room.  Its a temporary set-up since the confined yard which we created is on the small side.

We covered the top of the temporary yard adjacent to the honeymoon-digs with a piece of deer-fencing and tie-wrapped it into place.

Note:  Tie-wraps & duct tape are tied for most popular hardware in my arsenal.  Oh wait, add bungee cords to that list.

What a relief to let the rest of the poultry free-range now without having to worry about mean Fred hissing and attacking.  He’s harmless to people, but the rest of the ducks and some of the chickens were spending too much energy trying to get away from him.  Ginger seems to hold her own with him.  He respects her and that is a dear thing.

Perhaps he’s insecure where the rest of the poultry are concerned?  Perhaps he’s trying to protect Ginger?  Perhaps I ponder too often about these things?

I am broken-hearted over Susannah being gone.  More on that another day.


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