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Out Like A Lamb…or not

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You know I get stir crazy. Last year at this time I was gearing up for a peacock wedding.  This year it was a  lamb shower.

We had fun on Sunday evening with the second episode of our LAMBCAM – LIVE webchat.  Thanks to all followers that joined in to watch me open the lambing kit we keep perennially stocked and prepared for just-in-case situations.  I gave it a big purple bow to simulate a baby-shower gift, made a plate full of cupcakes with my first ever attempt at fondant icing, and decorated the lambing-stall with a festive banner.

Flock of Cupcakes
Flock of Cupcakes

If you watched that evening, you know how it turned out.  If you didn’t, this clip will probably give you a laugh.

Cupcakes aside, literally, my cohosts Martha & Jimmy helped me to explain the different items a shepherdess/shepherd might have on hand for delivery.  Though I’ve not used the leg snare or the stomach tube, I’ve read my books and watched enough online videos so that when/if there is that first time, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  That is often how it goes for farming.  Until you’ve experienced it, you don’t tend to simulate the need for the sake of practice.  As in, I wouldn’t willfully introduce complications to any of our ewes’ birthing so as to get a chance to try out my lamb-puller.

We’re playing the waiting game with Laurel.  I jumped the gun in my estimation of her delivery, as I do, and I had a great conversation with her previous owner on Sunday morning.  Judy says that of Laurel’s breeding group of 8 ewes, 6 have delivered and she’s waiting on two.  She calculates that they could deliver as late in the week as this coming Sunday, April 6th.

And here I thought we’d have March lambs this year.

Laurel - full term
Laurel – full term

Oh no, we definitely are out like a lion instead.  The wind was absolutely howling through the aisleway tonight when I closed up shop out there in the barn.  I was happy for the little break as I barely had to move my broom to sweep.

Here comes a warm front.  And, I think, some lambs.

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